Spiritual enlightenment, Faith Formation, Study Groups – St Luke’s is a community of life long learners believing that growing is that effort we make to become more than we were a minute ago.  Looking for ways to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our environment, our Episcopal tradition, and our relationship with God, St Luke’s has something for everyone.

Enriching our understanding of Scripture

St Luke’s offers a wide variety of ways to read and inwardly digest scripture, to discover how scripture can inform and shape our lives.

Wednesday 10 – 11, The Don Freeman Study Group.  Each week the presentation consists of a short DVD piece with a discussion time.  To see the schedule for 2017, click here.  All are welcome.  Fireside Room.

Thursday 10:30 Conversational Scripture Study meets.  This interactive approach to exploring scripture offers an opportunity to integrate scripture into our life stories.

Sunday 9:15-9:45 School on Sunday At St Luke’s we recognize the value of learning together regardless of our years; therefore, we are offering a multi-generational time of learning between the two Sunday services on the second, third and fourth Sunday of the month.  This is an opportunity to share our faith journey while considering the message of the weekly lectionary.

Deepening our relationship with God

Spiritual conversations are a way of life at St Luke’s.  Each month these conversations explore the life changing journeys we each have as we travel this way together.  Open to everyone, these spiritual conversations are a place to explore the joys and challenges of living out our faith along the way.  These are holy gatherings where the spirit is busy.

Women’s Spiritual Group           4th Tuesday     9am
Exploring the spiritual aspect of our lives with other women, our discussions arise from scripture, books we are reading, the liturgical calendar, or the events of our lives.  This time together is holy as we grow in our spiritual journeys.

Men’s Spiritual Group        1st Monday     8am
A time of fellowship and exploration, the guys ponder such topics as:  “What is God’s grace?”, “How do we hear God?”, “Why am I here?”  These are spirit-filled times of listening and sharing and quite often go in an unexpected direction.  Come join the journey.

St Luke’s is an active participant in Cursillo renewal.  The purpose of Cursillo is to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders.  Cursillo begins with a weekend retreat.  Once the weekend is over, there are several follow-up Cursillo small groups which meet weekly to continue the journey. (more)

Daughters of the King.  This lay religious order is active at St Luke’s thru the Priscilla Chapter.  Each Daughter takes a lifetime vow to live by their Rule of the Order with includes the spiritual discipline of daily prayer, service and evangelism dedicated to the spread of Christ’s Kingdom and the strengthening of the spiritual life of the parish.

Building relationships with each other

Foyer Groups.  Growing in relationship is the focus of Foyer Groups.  At these informal gatherings, small groups of parishioners share a meal together.  It’s a time to learn more about each other.  The meal can take a variety of forms:  a picnic, a breakfast or brunch, lunch or dinner.  The venue is limited only by the imagination of the host.  Foyer Groups meet once a month with the host rotating among the members of the quarterly assigned groups.  Great care is taken to ensure that the composition of the groups varies from quarter to quarter.  Once a year, those participating in the Foyer Groups come together for a potluck and lots of laughter.  This is loads of fun.