Although this area will be of most use to current members of our parish, all are welcome to look at the links below to find out additional information.  Each of the links on this page can also be directly accessed from the main page by looking at the items listed below ‘Members’ on the menu.

Our calendar may be viewed in any of three formats.  After clicking on Calendar, use the tabs at the top right to see the information in the way that works best for you.

Members of the parish as well as family or friends who are in need of prayer may be found in the  Intercessions link.

The Sunday Lessons link provides a place to view the lessons for the current Sunday as well as a link for lesson readers (or anyone who wishes more information) to read about those lessons in more detail.

The next link, Upcoming Events, provides information about St. Luke’s parish events (dates are shown in blue) as well as events taking place in the broader community (dates are shown in black).

The DVD Library will take you to a page showing a listing of the DVDs that are available for you to check out.

The final link, Members Only, is password protected and will only be available to members of the parish family.